Monday, May 1, 2017

#100daysofwriting: day 28- celebration

I just got home after celebrating 30 amazing entrepreneurs completing their business training at Ventures, the nonprofit I work for. I always walk away from those evenings inspired, motivated, and enthralled with every one of the businesses. Tonight, as I drove home, I got thinking about celebration. When I was experiencing my dark knight of the soul in my early twenties, I wanted nothing to do with celebration. For me at that moment in time, celebration was for people who were happy. I was lucky if I showered and was in class on time. (I guess that was something to be celebrated too.) Anyway, celebration. We need more of it, but it's a fine balance. Too much celebration causes the dilution effect, watering down the significance. Not enough causes us to feel like we are spinning our wheels and working too hard in the world. This leaves us in the place of celebrating what matters to us. Aligning our celebrations to our own lives, our own values. It brings up conversations around religion, obligation, and holidays. At the end of the day though, we get to choose. So tonight's post is short. My insight here is that celebration is good for us and it takes many forms; the high five with a colleague, the sharing of delicious food and sparkly beverages on a birthday, the kiss after making it home from a long day, the lighting of a candle at dinner to acknowledge gratitude. All of it is celebratory.

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