Tuesday, May 2, 2017

#100daysofwriting: day 29- filling the brita

Image result for brita filterWe have a Brita filter on our counter with room temperature water in it. It's from when I lived alone and had one. The Man has a much larger Brita filter that lives in the fridge with icy cold water which is not my style. So when I moved in, I brought my Brita and it camps out by my electric kettle and the toaster. But here's the thing about the Brita. I have the hardest time filling it when it's empty. i use it up, rush out the door or to the table to eat, and then lo and behold, one of us goes to get some water and the thing is empty. I have lived in the house for almost 6 years and it has happened from day one.

Why, why, why, why? It causes a lot of scuffles.

I guess I just hate to wait. It takes some time to fill it up; turning on the faucet, letting the water filter through, and the refilling it enough so there's a surplus. This whole process makes me impatient and cranky and I finally put my finger on it. I am a 'rusher' by nature. It's tough to slow down. To take breaths, to pause and rest. It has always been a challenge for me.

So tonight, I went ahead and di my thing again, emtyping it out into the electric kettle for tea and didn't fill it up. The Man said something to me along the lines of "Are you going to fill up the Brita?" to which I replied, "Oh yeah. That's right." So I am committing. Committing to a pause in the action. There is plenty of time and plenty of room for the rest and the pause. There is nothing to argue in regards to that. But I have to want the rest, the pause, the breath. And I do. I get it now.

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