Wednesday, May 3, 2017

#100daysofwriting: day 30- love is a garden

In the garden this afternoon, I spent a good chunk of time transplanting my strawberry plants out of their winter containers and into the raised bed. It's a somewhat tedious process, digging them out, being careful not to shock the roots. It takes delicate patience, a skill I struggle to embrace. I like to get shit done, move branches, throw yards of soil around, but every so often, a task in the garden requires some of the delicate, fine motor skills and I surrender.

It starts off challenging, trying to get all my tools and system in place, the bin for the dead compost, moving the thorny branches aside that I have in my edible bed so that the outdoor kitties don't do their business in my plants, and getting a good radio station on my portable radio. I have to use my hori-hori to separate the plants, being tender with every manipulation of these fresh, young roots. It's frustrating at times. I feel my wrist start to ache, my lower back scream out, "WHY!!!???!!!"

But then, I find my rhythm and get into the groove...digging up, transporting over, digging the holes, placing the plants down, filling in with soil, repeat. Over and over and over. And then a magical thing happens. I finish. I stand back, look at how much I have accomplished and feel satisfied. My knees and arms and hands are caked in dirt. I am sore, sweaty, and tired. I feel my heart swell with warmth. I did this. I am building my life in this garden. I learn the skills of patience and love and respect and more patience. It's a pause in the action, a chance to commune with that which is bigger than me. I feel expansion.

I pack up my tools, water the newly transplanted plants, and head inside for a shower without out the light on. I scrub my fingernails and my knees and I breathe. I let go of all the worry, the stress, the self-doubt. We go and grab Vietnamese's late and the food is light. I come home, my belly happy, my heart full, ready for another afternoon of learning about the qualities I can learn...the patience, the love, the kindness, the ability to be gentle with myself and with my life and with others.

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