Tuesday, May 9, 2017

#100daysofwriting: day 36- getting 29 dahlias into the ground

Tonight was the night. The air was perfect. The sun had been shining all day. It was warm. The perfect conditions for dahlia planting. I had been starting 29 dahlias inside our house...new varieties I picked up from the Puget Sound Dahlia Association this year based on my wish list after the August show last year. It was time to bring them outside.

As a grower, you live by the seasons a lot more than living by the typical calendar. You notice the sun and temps more than the date and the clock. I am super inspired by the Greeks and how they classify time; Chronos and Kairos. When I am in the garden, I am in total Kairos...not a care in the world, just working at a sustainable pace and when I feel done, I am done. Gardening has taught me a lot about the process versus the product. Things are always in stages. Plants teach you that. I find the planting of the plants to be super meditative, relaxing, and a time out from the craziness. Being outside with my hands in the dirt is one of the greatest things on earth to experience.

A blank canvas of soil
ready for the 29 dahlia tubers
Back to dahlias. Typically, Mother's Day is a good milestone on the calendar to plant dahlia tubers in the ground. The soil is usually at a good temperature and the chance for frost is slim to none. I am never on time, but this year I was committed. I want everything in the ground by Mother's Day Sunday. The reason for this? I want to enjoy the heck out of my garden this year. Maybe even host a dahlia party at the end of the summer.

I plant a lot of tubers, but this year I am being more intentional. I am grateful to have The Man's analytical brain for the details, the measurements, and the intricate nature of planting, fertilizing, and gridding out the raised beds so I can fit plenty of tubers. Tonight was gardening night. I came home, ditched my work clothes, filled up my water bottle, put on my garden shoes and hat, and went to work. Five hours later, one raised bed is completely planted. 29 dahlias are in their new home ready to grow and be beautiful. I still have another raised bed to plant but again, it's work that doesn't feel like work and I am beyond grateful to have something like that in my life.

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