Sunday, May 14, 2017

#100daysofwriting: day 41- in bloom

For Mother's Day, we took my mum-in-law down to the Pike Place Market for the Flower Festival. It was the first time in my almost ten years of living in Seattle that I ventured to Pike Place on Mother's Day. Typically, crowds have a tendency to drain my energy and deplete me, but today was different. I was energized, enjoying every minute of it. I loved spending time with my sweetie and my mum-in-law and adventuring through the market.

Of course, the flowers were absolutely stunning. It was amazing to see all the farm stalls and the buckets of colorful flowers in bloom. It had me reflecting on this time of year and the blooming that happens. Creativity, innovation, love, and energy are the themes at the forefront of the season. As I get older, I realize that life has cycles, seasons, and rhythms and the more I fight the cycles, season, and rhythms, the more suffering I create. I am way more knowledgeable about my own moon cycle and moon time now more than ever. I don't push super hard in the fall and winter, and I am reminded that when I eat by the seasons, I feel a hell of a lot better.

So, back to the flowers. The beautiful, blooming, colorful flowers. They reminded me of my own blooming right now. I am working on some really exciting work projects, my yoga teaching has ramped up, I am volunteering on a grant review committee, and tending my garden and home, as the summer approaches. The weekends are a lot more social, which is exciting, and I am motivated to go out and have local adventures in the evenings again. My energy has an expansive quality to it and I am really grateful.


I am still very present to not depleting myself, getting resentful, or worn out beyond exhaustion. Alignment is also a theme that comes to mind. Our values + our priorities + our actions = alignment.
As the blooms show us, this time is precious, important, and all of our energy must go towards that which is more important to us.

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