Wednesday, May 17, 2017

#100daysofwriting: day 44- passages

In my meditation space, I have a collection of inspiring spiritual literature. It ranges from Zen Buddhism, to positive affirmations, to Tantric wisdom and everything in between. I let my intuition guide me in what I open, some days opening nothing and just sitting and breathing. Some days, I thump through pages, waiting to land on a passage that somehow is always relevant. I love this part of my practice. As an avid reader, words on a page are nourishing, supportive, and always seem to find a way to my heart. Today's passage from 365 Tao was potent to say the least.

Healing takes time. It's a process. Challenging situations are impermanent. Trust that all will work itself out. Destruction and healing are cyclical and necessary, not only to maintain balance, but for our own growth. Deep breath. We'll all get there, in either this lifetime or another.

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