Thursday, May 18, 2017

#100daysofwriting: day 45- viruses & body barometer

We went to the Puget Sound Dahlia Association meeting tonight and learned about viruses. There is some fascinating research being done over at WSU around dahlia viruses; how dahlias contract the virus, how the virus presents, and how it may be possible to have clean stocks. We learned about the many different types of viruses, and how some theories point to the fact that all dahlias have a section of the virus coding in the genes, and it just takes time and chance for the virus to present itself to the human eye.

I found the whole talk fascinating, of course. And here's why.

Image result for diseased dahlia plant
A diseased Dahlia with a virus of some kind. 
Plants are like humans. We can simply look at plants and learn about ourselves, our bodies, and how stress can take us down. Fast. Viruses, pests, and disease look for "run down" plants that are under stress. It could be lack of water, sun, and/or nutrition. It also could be that a virus is just stronger than the plant.

Currently, in this moment, I am feelinga  bit run down. My nutrition and hydration haven't been up to par, I have been pushing a little too much, and self-care has taken a back seat, at least for the past few days. As I have mentioned before, my body is my barometer. It talks to me and I feel like it's screaming. I have a neck flare up happening at the moment, and can barely keep my eyes open. So, I am going to make this short. Bodies talk. We have to stop, listen, and look oh so carefully. It's easy to plow through, because that's what most of us are conditioned to do.

They also say to take your virused plants and put them right into the trash, not compost. You don't want that shit to spread, like stress, disease, and bad energy.

I will curl up now with my hot cup of tea, my book, and plan to sleep in just a wee bit before my morning massage tomorrow. I am smiling and I am grateful for this barometer of a body.

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