Friday, May 19, 2017

#100daysofwriting: day 46- what I am loving right now

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It's always a great reminder for me to articulate what I am loving in the moment. It keeps joy actively present and that's so good on so many levels. So here it is:

I am loving prioritizing sleep, which includes not setting the alarm on Sundays, clocking 8+ hours on week nights, and not feeling bad about either.
I am loving minimalism. I have been on a tirade to get rid of material possessions that no longer serve me or bring me joy. It has decreased my stress levels and created more spaciousness at home.
I am loving Bulletproof Coffee. Butter, MCT oil, and organic coffee from Maine all blended together has been such a treat and has kicked me into high octane gear.
I am loving Dan Harris' 10% Happier podcast. 
I am loving the extra daylight, the sunshine, and being able to wake up with the sun in my window. Game changer.
I am loving being back on my meditation cushion again in the mornings. Deep breaths set me up for success. 
I am loving my 100 day writing project.
I am loving carpooling with The Man one day a week. That extra time we get to spend together is such a treat for me and the fact that we are doing a little bit for mother earth is such a bonus.
I am loving setting some time aside on Sunday afternoons/evenings to plan my week, set goals, and schedule in my self-care.
I am loving teaching yoga. Rocket fuel for my soul.
I am loving garden dates during the week with The Man. Digging in the dirt is the best therapy ever.
I am loving spin classes and yoga classes on the weekend.
I am loving the time to be with friends, like really be with them. 
I am loving my acupuncture and massage treatments. Another game changer.

By capturing all of these 'loves,' I can embody gratitude at the deepest level of my core. Most of these things are experiences and not things at all. My loves revolve around quality time and self-care, reminding me of my values, priorities, and joy.

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