Saturday, May 20, 2017

#100daysofwriting: day 47- the sun & doing less

It has felt like a looooooong winter. Oh wait, it has been a long winter. The grey skies, the immense amount of rain, and just blech. This weekend though, the cycle has been broken. It is sunny & warm. I am so grateful for this because this weather helps us sink into spaciousness and the theme of doing less. We ate lunch in the park today in between my yoga workshop sessions and it was so nice to be outside, barefeet, eating lunch, with the sun beating down on my face.

The Man and I started talking about our dreams and wishes for the summer. More hikes, more hanging out, more outside time, a puppy, enjoying our garden, and just being. This whole idea of doing less resonates so deeply with me as I get older. Less pushing, more being. So, that's my overarching theme for the summer ahead: do less.

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