Monday, May 22, 2017

#100daysofwriting: day 49- seeing the love

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Okay. I have to admit something. I love watching people having public displays of affection. I know. It sounds voyeuristic and weird and creepy, but it's not what you're thinking. I love seeing people being in love. For example, I was coming out of the gym this morning and across the street was a couple. The woman was loading up her car for what looked like a commute of some sort and her sweetie was out on the street with her. They took a moment to embrace, kiss, hug, and say goodbye. I could see both their eyes twinkle, their bodies relax, and happiness flood their systems.

On my way to teaching yoga class, I saw a similar interaction with a couple waiting to cross the street. They were kissing each other. It was adorable.

For me, I have to try pretty hard to find the joy. Dealing with depression can sometimes suck the joy right outta life and moments that bring me back to remembering joy are moments to be cherished. I am a firm believer in always saying goodbye to The Man in the morning. Like, really saying goodbye. I look him in the eye, give him a great big monkey hug, and a smooch.

Every. Damn. Day.

Why? It's important to me that every opportunity I get to express love, I take advantage of. Seeing the love out in the world reminds us to come back to loving ourselves as well. That we're not in this crazy world alone. Whether we want to embrace the idea of common & shared humanity, or walk on the path with our partner, we're in this thing called life together, all doing the best we can, trying to be happy.

So, whether it's a kiss before you leave for work, or offering a cool drink to your sweetie when they come home from work, or offering to water the garden after they have had a rough day at the office, we must do everything we can to show our love. Don't hold back.

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