Tuesday, May 23, 2017

#100daysofwriting: day 50- all the love

I turned 33 today and my birthday was beyond amazing. So much love from so many people in so many different expressions. Flowers and chocolate and cake and beautiful books, stationary, and cards...and the texts and the lovely little shout-outs. It was amazing. It really made my heart swell with so much love. So this post is going to be short because reveling in the love is what it's all about.

Image result for loving kindnessI taught a yoga class this afternoon to a group of mental health counselors I have been working with for almost two years on a monthly basis. It brings me so much joy to share the practices of yoga with this group. Today, we spent a good chunk of time sitting in meditation practicing metta, loving-kindness meditation. I asked them to picture their hearts being bathed in sweet, bright light, the light symbolizing all their true-nature qualities; joy, happiness, compassion, love, kindness, self-expression, creativity.

The format I use is borrowed from Sharon Salzberg, a well-known Buddhist teacher and the practice that most resonates with me. It continues to be an anchor meditation in my own personal practice.

May I be safe.
May I be healthy.
May I be happy.
May I live with ease. 

This meditation can be expanded beyond the "I," and expressing the intentions to our loved ones, our community, our colleagues, and individuals we have challenges with. There is so much power in this practice, even if it is simply taking our hands to our hearts for five minutes and breathing into our heart space.

We need as much love as we can get. My invitation to you is just that: find all the love possible.

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