Thursday, May 25, 2017

#100daysofwriting: day 52- lessons in turning 33 (part 2 of 11)

This post is part of my "33 Lessons on Turning 33" in which I will be sharing 33 gems, insights, and pieces of witty wisdom over 11 posts. 

Lesson #4: Fall in love with flowers. Or something related to nature. It could be flowers, walking on the beach, bathing in nature, walking in the woods, or collecting rocks and shells. Whatever it is for you, having an outside hobby (mine is growing dahlias) is one of the most nourishing things you can do for yourself. There is something about a deep connection with nature that rights all the wrongs in ourselves and the world. For me, when I am working with my dahlias, I feel content, at peace, and present. It helps me turn down the loud narrative in my head and connect with that which is bigger.

Lesson #5: White space on the calendar is a good thing. This has been one of the hardest lessons to learn and took the most time to embody. I used to, and sometimes still do, schedule myself so compulsively that downtime and rest were not words in my vocabulary. I would even consider them lazy. Over time though, my life became unsustainable and my health suffered greatly; physical, emotional, and mental. Now, I embrace and actively create white space as much as I can as I know the positive outcomes of taking the time to just be.

Lesson #6: Nothing can be forced. Receptivity is everything. This is a quote from B.K.S Iyengar, and is one of my most all-time favorite quotes. Related to the above lesson around downtime and rest, forcing stuff to happen serves nobody. When I stopped forcing things and instead started to read energy and really look at things with fresh eyes and a wider perspective, tiny, subtle shifts happened in my life. For example, job interviews, challenging conversations, relationships and friendships. That stuff can't be forced because if it is, usually it doesn't work out. Being in a state of receptivity is more grounded in curiosity versus anxiety and that serves us all.

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