Tuesday, May 30, 2017

#100daysofwriting: day 56- lessons in turning 33 (part 6 of 11)

This post is part of my "33 Lessons on Turning 33" in which I will be sharing 33 gems, insights, and pieces of witty wisdom over 11 posts. 

Lesson #16: Try to always assume good intent. Maybe it comes from all of my Buddhist studies, but one of my teachers once said to me, "We're all just doing the best we can with what we got." It becomes a conversation of empathy and I do believe it is true that we are all just trying to do our best and show up as our best selves. Sure, there are definitely assholes and bad people in the world, but when we show up assuming good intent, we can breathe just a little bit more and open our hearts just a wee bit more to let in the love and the compassion. And...this lesson is not about being walked all over or letting people take advantage of you. That is deemed unskillful compassion. So, try it out. What would life look like if we just shifted our lens to consider that we're all trying our best?

Lesson #17: Buy the good lotion. A couple years ago, I walked into Aveda and bought myself an awesome lotion. I splurged. I love that lotion to this day. It's totally the best. It makes my morning routine lovely. I get to engage in a lovely self-massage after my shower and I enjoy every but of it. When I put on the lotion, it reminds me that I matter. That I am worth it. Now, don't get this mixed up with this notion that my lotion and body products determine my entire self-esteem. It doesn't. But the lotion reminds me that taking care of myself is an investment and I must invest so I can serve in the best way possible in this world.

Lesson #18: Binge on the action movie. Every so often, my brain needs a total break. I need to unplug from the non-fiction/self-help/personal development/self-empowerment/spiritual growth world. When I met my husband, I was stunned by his AV setup. Now, I guess I consider it our AV setup; the surround sound system, the TV, the subwoofer, all of it. It has been a love/hate relationship but there is nothing better than plugging in an action flick at the end of the week and snacking on some popcorn. GOD! I LOVE IT! I used to feel guilty and ashamed, and now, I totally own it.

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