Wednesday, May 24, 2017

#100daysofwriting: day 51- lessons in turning 33 (part 1 of 11)

Image result for 33I just had my birthday which always puts me in the reflective mood. I think a birthday is even more potent in gained wisdom than that of a New Year. So, for the next eleven posts, I will share three life lessons on each of the posts about how being on the planet for 33 years has been for me, the wisdom I have gained, and that which I still need to learn. Some of these lessons I have shared on the blog and some are new, but they are gentle reminders for my own life and a manifesto of sorts. 

Lesson #1: Life is very rarely black & white. There is a lot of grey when it comes to our work, our lives, our relationships, our beliefs. It's way more fun to live in the grey, but can be scary and uncomfortable. Sometimes sitting in the comfort of the discomfort is the best we can do. We don't always have all the information or puzzle pieces. 

Lesson #2: Solitude is key. Maybe this lesson is more potent for me since I live in the city, but quiet time and silence has become more and more of a gem in my own life. I have to find quiet daily, and sometimes that means driving without the radio on or heading out on retreat every so often. I find silence nourishing and try to make space for it daily. 

Lesson #3: Invest in good sheets, an ergonomic mouse, and a good pair of kitchen shears. Having a few high-quality things is way more enjoyable than having many mediocre things. I believe in really good sheets on the bed (I spend at least 56 hours/week sleeping), and I refuse to let a repetitive stress injury from my computer mouse take me down in this lifetime. I also believe in a good pair of kitchen shears (game changer for so many tasks in the kitchen). Spend the money now so you can save money later. It's called investment.

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