Monday, June 12, 2017

#100daysofwriting: day 60- lessons in turning 33 (part 9 of 11)

This post is part of my "33 Lessons on Turning 33" in which I will be sharing 33 gems, insights, and pieces of witty wisdom over 11 posts. 

Lesson #25: Pick up your feet. Growing up, I remember my grandmothers always saying, "I am just going to pick me feet up for a bit." For most of my life, I had two paces...go 1000% or sleeping. I didn't embrace rest whatsoever. Rest? That was for lazy people. As I have shared in other posts, I had to change that way of living. Now, I find myself picking me feet up between tasks, savoring a mindful moment of breath and rest before moving onto the next project. I'm in this for the long haul.

Lesson #26: The power of the patio. My maternal grandparents had this lovely, expansive screened patio. There was an entrance from the house and from outside and it was amazing. I remember playing board games with my cousins and visiting with family as well as enjoying meals out there. Growing up, we had lots of outdoor spaces; a screen porch, a back deck (now a patio), and a picnic table in the yard. It was in those early memories where I developed my passion for outdoor sitting spaces. I love sitting outside and just watching life unfold; the birds at the feeder, the hanging baskets, even the rain drops. I love the feel of air on my skin anytime of day. Now, our Seattle home has a lovely covered deck and I enjoy that space so much. I always say that I would never sacrifice a deck and a yard to get a dishwasher and a bathtub, both of which we don't have. The outdoor space trumps all.

Lesson #27: Create a nook. Despite living in a tiny Seattle home, The Man and I have purposefully and creatively carved out individual nooks within our dwelling so that we can have focused, uninterrupted, nourishing time alone. We are both fairly introverted humans, so the power of the nook comes in handy when we just need a little thinking time or time to work on our own projects. At one point early on in our cohabitation, I wanted to simplify down to one nook and The Man cautioned against it. I am so glad he did. Now, I have a place for my books, my altar & meditation cushion, a writing desk, and I sit right next to the aquarium and get a view of the Olympic mountains. It's perfect and one of my most favorite parts about our house.

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