Tuesday, June 20, 2017

#100daysofwriting: day 62- lessons in turning 33 (part 11 of 11)

This post is part of my "33 Lessons on Turning 33" in which I will be sharing 33 gems, insights, and pieces of witty wisdom over 11 posts. 

Lesson #31: Learn to like leftovers. I used to absolutely despise and hate leftovers. I HATED them. I hated having the same meal twice in a week. And then, something shifted. I started LOVING THEM. I am not super sure what happened...I think a lot of it had to do with my husband making the case for ease and grace during the work week so I wouldn't have to stress super hard about lunches or even dinner on a late work night. It also helps to have good, glass containers and awesome bamboo traveling utensils and a rockin' purple lunchbox.

Lesson #32: Drink more water. H2O is really the best thing for our brains and our bodies. I constantly have my water bottle with me, despite it's 40oz. size. It is clunky and looks obscene on a conference table in a meeting, but you know what? I don't really care because here is what I know: when I am hydrated, I operate wayyyyyy differently than when I am dehydrated. I am more alert, kinder, more engaged, less foggy, less moody and irritable, and way more apt to smile. So, drink your water.

Lesson #33: Settle down. A friend of mine recently mentioned to me how much more grounded I am. It was so incredibly powerful to hear that statement. I considered myself a dirtbag-nomad for so much of my life, especially throughout my early twenties. I wanted to run around crazily, doing all the things and seeing all the people. I never said no to anything and I was in a constant state of manic panic...rushing to the next thing and squeezing so much into my life there was barely any breathing room. So I settled down. I got really clear on what matters to me and had some powerful, somewhat painful realizations and experiences that put me in my place. Settling down isn't about getting married, having children, buying the house with the fence and the minivan. (Although, that may be settling down for some people). Settling down is really embracing one's sense of place. Really deepening into what some call the beautiful, splendid daily grind of life. It's doing the dishes while listening to the jazz station, or it's knowing your librarians and smiling at them when you see them at the grocery store, it's growing something in a garden or a pot, it's making your 9am yoga class on Saturday mornings non-negotiable, it's wearing slippers, it's sharing in grief and joy with the people in your life. This is by far my biggest lesson in turning 33 and I am grateful as heck for it.

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